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Baby Boomer Seeks Chicago Animal Attack Attorney

Baby boomers represent a generation that is known for being free-spirited and independent. Most of them are not ready to live a boomers retirement home. Part of the reason for their disdain for retirement homes are that they are not interested in a home that is designed to look and feel like boxed homes. They may change their minds when they look at some of the modern retirement homes, which are offering private salons and well-equipped kitchens as well as swimming pools.

Rick was a baby boomer who settled for life in a retirement home in Chicago. Little did he know that his life would be turned upside down when one fine morning while taking a stroll outside a dog bit him. There are over sixty million dogs in America and about forty percent of American households have at least one pet dog. For some boomers, keeping a pet dog is a good option as it allows them to enjoy the company of a four-legged friend. However, each year in the US, dogs bite about three hundred thousand people and though a vast majority of the dog bite victims happen to be children, dogs have also bitten quite a few boomers.

Rick did not know what to do after the dog bit him. He asked the people at the retirement home for advice and one official suggested that he get in touch with a good animal attack attorney.

After being bitten by the dog, things moved very fast for Rick. He needed quick and good medical attention and he wanted to make sure that nothing serious had happened to him. Fortunately, there were no fractures and nor was there any damage to his nerves. However, the dog bite did leave a nasty scar on his leg and he experienced a lot of emotional trauma as well. He decided to get in touch with the best animal attack attorney in his neighbourhood.

The attorney advised him to find out who owned the dog that bit him. He had to find out the address of the dog owner. This would help him in getting touch with the homeowner insurance policy holder.

The attorney also advised him to photograph his injuries and he was also asked to locate the dog and take pictures of him. He also took the advice of the attorney and filed a police report and he also talked about the incident with the local animal control people. In addition, he started keeping notes of the changes that occurred in hid life post the dog bite incident. (

After doing all this, Rick was relieved to find out that the animal attack attorney contacted the owner of the dog and they also located a few witnesses whose statements were noted down.

As the bite was deep, Rick found that he could not move about freely. He was disabled and this was reason enough for him to seek compensation from the owner of the dog. He was physically as well as emotionally traumatized. Even today, several months after the incident he has still not completely recovered from the trauma, especially as the dog had bitten him through his clothes and had severely punctured his leg. He was glad that the wound was treated in time as that prevented the possibility of the wound becoming infected.

Rick asked the animal attack attorney whether it was better to settle out of court or go through the rigors of fighting a court case. The Chicago lawyers advised him to not settle the matter, as the prognosis was not encouraging. If his leg became incapacitated he would be better off seeking compensation from the court.

Since he was living in a retirement home at the time of the incident he got in touch with the retirement home and asked them if they had hired an animal attack attorney to represent him in such a case. They said that since no one had ever been bitten by a dog before they had not considered hiring an animal attack attorney.

Rick pointed out that since there were so many millions of dogs in the US and quite a few in their neighbourhood, it made sense to hire an animal attack attorney as then he and his fellow retirement home boomers would not have to seek personal legal help. An animal attack attorney takes all the information about the people living in retirement homes and will get in touch with the police. They will get the police report from the law enforcement agency and will also hire private investigators to find witnesses who can testify about the incident. Best of all, the animal attack attorney will identify all responsible parties and will speak with the insurance companies and file a claim on behalf of the retirement home. They are also ready to provide emotional help to victims of animal attacks.

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